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Seesaw Sunday

In this novel, set in the 1960s, we meet Val, a magnetic young man who seems incapable of love or even hate, but who is a brilliant photographer and a sensual virtuoso, Tanya, a sometime model and socially conscious actress at the verge of success who never quiet manages to land the man she wants, and Honey, a blonde model, generous, childish, amoral, who repeatedly escapes into a world of illusion. All are suddenly and brutally brought into focus when Val, nineteen camera buffs and these two women, drive to a secluded, rural hideaway for the men to take some nude studies. What starts as an innocent, legal and almost carefree enterprise ends in surprise, desperation and finally horror when a corrupt local district attorney orders a police raid. 


“A forceful piece of fiction. . . .A frenetic honesty characterizes his writing in this remarkable …novel of the high cost of personal integrity. 

–Norfolk Virginian Pilot 

“Mr. Arden displays a vastness of talent in his writing….the scene where one of Val’s girls goes insane is one of the most powerful in a new book – it can stand rereading to get the full beauty and power.” 

-Chattanooga News-Free Press

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