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The Savage Place

Attending Madrid bullfights in Franco’s Spain and the Festival Los Fallas in Valencia and any other event he can capture and sell as a freelance photographer, Andrew Williams travels around Europe working at his profession. He is also driven to escape the sexual dysfunction he suffers whose root cause is his relationship, back in New York, with his beautiful sister Dominique to whom he must eventually return. Flight from his problem is no solution as various bedroom adventures proves. Only until he senses at last the cause of his problem can he successfully grapple and conquer it. 


“A good novelist in the making…with the eyes of an accurate, sensitive photographer and the ear of a poet.” 

–Boston Globe  

“A first novel of raw intensity and disturbing psychological impact.” 

–Saturday Review 

“An unusual book. The bed of love is ‘The Savage Place’ where men and woman meet in punishing antagonism…will be of interest to anyone who studies the patterns and attitudes of our contemporary culture.” 

-N.Y. Herald Tribune Book Review 

“Unusual subject mater handled with skill, delicacy, sensitiveness and understanding.”  

-John Barkham, Saturday Review Syndicate 

“An off-beat work of a writer of obvious talents…alternatively sympathetic and rough…morbidly fascinating.” 

–Cleveland Press

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