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One Fine Day

Robinson Blake leads an unexceptional bachelor life in New York City. He has a secret yearning for his boss’s wife and two immediate problems: how to get up on time in the morning and how to extract himself from an affair with his eccentric secretary, Milly. 

Suddenly, Rob is caught in a unique and terrifying calamity. A certain Monday becomes fixed in time and repeats itself over and over again with Rob, apparently the only person on earth who understands what is happening. Other people proceed through each re-run with no memory of what has passed before. Only Rob remembers. 

Rob’s efforts to sort things out results in a series of comic and sometimes dangerous fiascos. Then, surrendering to the erotic, forbidden possibilities offered, Rob sets about seducing the delectable Phillipa, his boss’s wife. Every morning is a brand new day and Phillipa must be wooed from scratch, though not always with the same degree of success. Finally Rob meets his nemesis, Mrs Hawkmann, who is both the archetypal Jewish mother (Milly’s) and a practicing witch. Through Mrs Hawkmann, who bears a striking resemblance to the late General de Gaulle, Rob is introduced to the Satanic forces he suspects may re responsible for this repeating day. But the final explanation of what is happening as well as the solution to Rob’s romantic entanglements, is as much a surprise to the hero as it is to the reader.

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